How to Get a Stylish Dressing Up in the House


Some people just love the idea of being stylish at home. Although it is not a popular thing, there are so many people who are looking for the best way to stay stylish at home. In this case, dressing up to stay in is not a mistake, but you can still try to have some unique ways to feel happy and confident. Dressing up to stay in the house is not a difficult thing. Always remember to make sure that you can choose the home outfit which is simple and also comfortable. So, how do you choose the right outfit for your need?

Tips To Be Stylish And Comfortable At Home

When you hear about dressing up at home, you might think about how you choose those super stylish, elegant style for your need. In this case, you can choose many things that will be unique and attractive, but still, give you a touch of your signature style. So, here are some fashion items you can try to wear:

  1. The comfy pajamas are the ones you can try to wear at home. When you are staying at home, you can choose the sleek, soft pajamas that are beautiful and comfortable. Make sure those pajamas are made from the best fabric so you can feel comfortable.
  2. If you love having a play with colors, why don’t you try some unique trousers and hoodie for your home outfit? Those pairs of unique clothing are beautiful and simple to wear. The only thing to do is you can choose the best colors, just like the beautiful monochrome colors. Besides, you can play with the fabric, just like cashmere or warm wool.
  3. You can also get creative with your slippers. In this case, your footwear is what makes your comfort at home more than just a thing. In this case, you can choose some sheepskin slippers for the cold days. Choose the fluffy slippers with furry fabric to keep your days fun.
  4. When you’re looking for something glamorous to wear at home, you can choose some beautiful pajamas that will help you to look more beautiful. Choose the elegant colors to keep your performance glamorous in the house.
  5. To keep yourself warm, you can also choose the sweatshirt for your body. The sweatshirt is one of the most popular clothes at home. So, you can choose the best sweatshirt from your favorite brand. This choice will make you feel more comfortable and warmer at home. So, are you eager to try?

The Key Of Being Stylish At Home

When you’re looking for a good performance at home using your best outfit, you can choose some alternatives that will be unique and attractive. In this case, there are some keys that will be important when you dress up to stay in. Your comfort is the key to keep yourself warm and cozy. By choosing the right colors and fabric, then you will have the most comfortable days at home with high-quality clothes.


Bringing Wreck-It Ralph to Virtual Reality

For everyone who is a Disney lover, Wreck-It Ralph is not something strange. Many people know him from his first movie which is popular and successful among the people. Indeed, with its success, Disney makes sure that Ralph has more than what he got in the first movie. The storyline of him saving a princess in the game world will never fade of our mind. In some cases, Ralph, who is now happy, will break the internet in the second installment of his movie. Of course, it can be a quite challenging step for Disney, but there are still so many chances to try the game version of this installment.

A Glimpse Of Ralph’s Improvement

Ralph has been growing as a good guy in the game. However, the adventure doesn’t stop there. With a new thing to consider in the next installment, the game is now more attractive with plenty of Disney characters, including the princesses. Now, Ralph is ready to break the internet as the game arcade is now connecting to the internet. Actually, Ralph’s improvement is not only about the second installment. With the success of the franchise, Ralph will be ready to be in virtual reality.

The Concept Of Ralph In Virtual Reality

There are some things you need to know when you want to explore more about Ralph’s virtual reality experience. This program is not the first one as there are some similar unique games with the same concept. Here are some facts about Ralph’s adventure in virtual reality.

  1. This game is just like Star Wars and SPACES from Terminator that have been adapted to be a virtual reality game before Ralph. In this case, the game is really great as there are some more unique features in the game. The shooter themed games will never fail to make people happy. In this game, Ralph uses his milkshake as the projectiles.
  2. The game is more family oriented, as there are plenty of unique things about Ralph’s virtual reality. In this case, the game will be more suitable with the children. But, it doesn’t mean that the adults cannot play the game like the children. The age range is wider and thus people will love the game even more.
  3. This game can be played by the children at the age of 10 and more. So, if your children are no more than 10 years old, you cannot choose them. The game also requires the players to be 48 inches in height so they can experience the game better. It is important to keep the game safe and great for the players.

Those are some facts about Ralph in virtual reality. When you are looking for a new game that is unique and also family friendly, this game is a great choice for you. In some cases, you will also get lots of improvements in the installments and uniqueness in its project. Choosing the game is not a mistake as you can get lots of attractive experiences with it.


Examining the Plunging Phenomena of Cryptocurrencies

During the late five years, the growth of cryptocurrencies is getting higher and more attractive. Many people are looking for the best way to get more money by investing in cryptocurrencies. When it comes to investment, this new kind of currency is what you want to keep your money at the finest place. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is also making the fiat currency to be quite low, although it is not a big deal. But, the growth of cryptocurrencies is not as good as it seems. There are plenty of problems occurred and it can make the condition worse.

5 Reasons Why Cryptocurrencies Plunge

Nowadays, with the rapid improvement of technology, many people are looking for the best way to invest their money. Cryptocurrencies are the alternatives for people who are looking for a good way in improving their lives, as the value of cryptocurrencies is quite high. The average price of Bitcoin is $4,058 which is quite big for the values. But, why are cryptocurrencies plunge again?

  1. The first reason for the plunging phenomena is about how regulators are cracking down. In this case, with so many ICO (initial coin offerings) from the companies, there are some problems occurred as the system of fund-raising for the start-up companies are now facing a legal obstacle. Indeed, it is not a simple thing. As it is a serious problem occurring in the cryptocurrency world, of course, it makes the situation worse.
  2. When you are looking for any initial coin offerings from the companies, you might find some new but fragile infrastructure for your business. In this case, the infrastructure of the company might not be safe and secure, which will make you feel uncomfortable when you want to invest your money in their business. It can also lead to dangerous things as you get a risky environment to start your business there.
  3. On its release, the cryptocurrencies are promising ideas of the best way to solve any problems. For example, Ethereum is considered to be the second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. This currency is the one which is purposed for a great, sophisticated computer for the world. But, now the realization is not as big as it promised.
  4. The private companies which are operating, trading and providing the cryptocurrencies are the ones with less regulation. When the currencies are getting the treatment from the right institution, of course, its usage can be really functional. If the government takes the regulation for getting the cryptocurrencies, the regulation will be more effective.
  5. The cryptocurrencies are developed by a group of developers. In this case, the community might seem solid and strong now, but it can be messy if there is any internal problem in the community. Although we don’t want them to happen, it can be quite challenging for the community to stand in the mid of lack of regulation.

Those are some things you can understand about cryptocurrencies for your need. In this case, you can also choose the right way to invest your money. Although it might be dangerous, you can still choose some things for your need.

Tips For Investing In Cryptocurrencies

With plenty of the reasons why cryptocurrencies are plunging again, there are still hopes for the use of this kind of investment. However, the price of the Bitcoin and Ethereum is getting higher. It can be a great choice for you to get the best investment if you don’t want to deal with the bank. Besides, their business is still great right now. All you have to do is be aware of the business and how you can get the best moment to finally get away from the investment once it seems like it is unpromising.


Sneak a Peek to HoloLens Technology in Building Cars

Many people are looking for a good car to drive. In this case, when you choose a car you will need to make sure that you get them right. From its engine to its price, you will consider them as the right thing to do. In order to choose the best car, you might also have your favorite car brand. Toyota might be your favorite brand for getting on to the road. Indeed, this manufacturer is more than just a good manufacturer but also one of the biggest companies in automobile production. The unique thing is Toyota always innovates with the newest technology for their products.

What Is Hololens From Microsoft?

For everyone who is the enthusiast of technology and automotive industry, you might know that recently Toyota used Microsoft’s HoloLens to help them in building their cars. You might be excited with the news, but it is actually a good start for getting an improved industry in automobile and get the things done. When you’re looking for the right thing to keep the process of making the cars, you might think it is simple. But, you can get lots of new information about this innovation from Toyota and Microsoft. HoloLens is an augmented reality headset that will help people to get along with their job.

The Benefits Of Using Hololens

Everybody understands that technology will always make the world better. In this case, HoloLens is keeping the industry alive and get their products more innovative. But, what are the benefits of using HoloLens for building Toyota’s cars? Here are some things you can understand:

  1. HoloLens will help the manufacturers to design the car. In this case, as an augmented reality device, there are plenty of features that can be used. The headset can help manufacturers to build the car for an easy and comfortable car. Besides, it is also available for them to keep the 3D images for the real world.
  2. HoloLens also helps the manufacturers to make sure that the manufacturing process is under control. There are so many things you can consider when you do the manufacturing process. The augmented reality technology will help to make the manufacturing process faster and also more detailed and accurate.
  3. HoloLens is also a good thing to fix the cars, which will make the process faster. This augmented reality technology will never fail to check the damage on a car and get the right things done when choosing the steps. In this case, you can get lots of benefits to keep the job of fixing things easier, accurate and faster.

Those are the things you need to understand about HoloLens and how it can make the process better for manufacturing the cars. Technology plays a very important role in making the right way to keep the process easy for the manufacturers to improve the products. HoloLens helps the process a lot in designing, manufacturing and even fixing the damaged part of the cars. By using a touch of technology, the process will be more detailed, resulting in a better car performance.


Making an easy startup, here are the tips!

It has been held in 3 cities, Surabaya, Semarang, and Denpasar, The NextDev 2018 as an early stage startup platform in Indonesia have witnessed the birth of many potential new startups. The widest opportunity is given to support the development of startups which are often in the form of ideas, ideas, and concepts. Building a startup is indeed quite challenging, but having the spirit and willingness to learn, it is not as difficult as imagined. To make the startup start from scratch, there are some tips that can be applied.

Start From A Simple Idea

Sometimes successful startups come from simple ideas that are even considered trivial. Like Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp who built Uber after having difficulty ordering a taxi. They believe that if this is a problem experienced by other people every day and are encouraged to solve it through startup. Start thinking of concepts that you think can provide solutions and bring social impact with the help of technology.

Find The Right Partner

After getting an idea, find someone who has the same vision and mission in building a startup together. This is very important to develop a startup from scratch because you will experience many difficulties if you just run it alone. Find the right partner from the nearest environment, like a friend or someone you meet at other startup events.

Slowly But Surely

You don’t have to have many team members or big funds to set up a startup. Sometimes, startup success is built on small things, such as creating a simple application or website that only requires minimal funds. Furthermore, services that are increasingly recognized by the public will make your startup more developed.

Open Minded

Even though you already have startup ideas and designs, you still need to have an open mind by paying attention to feedback, especially from users. However, this startup is made by utilizing technology to answer the problems experienced by the community. therefore, there is no harm in launching a startup in the beta stage or pre-launching so that you have the opportunity to correct the shortcomings.

Increase Ability And Relationships

Satisfied with the abilities that are now owned will make it difficult for you to progress. Keep your skills sharp by participating in seminars or workshops that can improve your understanding of building a startup. Also, develop your ability to expand networking. This will pave the way for collaboration with other parties so that they can benefit. Start diligently visiting coworking spaces, where you can meet many people from various professions, such as startup founders, freelancers, programmers, and even investors.

Things You Can’t Do

  • Do Everything Alone

How many successful startups have only one founder? Maybe only Oracle was founded by Larry Ellison. Building a company requires hard work, so you can’t do it all alone. Even though the business is yours, forming a solid team is one of the best ways to build a successful business in the future. Remember, every part of the business must be handled by experts, especially complicated matters such as taxes and legal issues.

  • Inability to Take New Steps

In order for startups to succeed and last a long time, sometimes you have to change business concepts and ideas. Therefore, set the strategy in the form of short and long-term plans, and prepare a backup plan that is useful if the initial strategy does not work as desired. Conversely, if your startup does not innovate and follow market demands, it can become difficult to develop.

  • Fear of failure

The biggest mistake that many make when building a startup is the fear of failure. This feeling must be removed from the mind of every startup. Moreover, failure is the key to your success and can have a positive impact on the future of the business if you learn from mistakes made.


China as the Second Largest Economic Country in the World

As a country with the most population in the world, with a population exceeding 1,363 billion people (estimated in 2014), the majority are Chinese. China has the largest population in the world at around 1.35 billion people with an area of 9.69 million square kilometers and making it the 4th largest country in the world. It is estimated that in 2014 it will become the most populous country in the world.

China as the country with the second largest economy in the world has the largest and most complex economy. Since the introduction of economic reforms in 1978, China has become the fastest growing economy in the world. As of 2013, China was also a member of various other organizations such as the WTO, APEC, BRICS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BCIM, and G-20. China is a big power in Asia, and a potential superpower according to some observers.

Development Of China’s Economy

China is the country with the world’s second-largest economy according to nominal GDP (as of 2013) with a total of US $ 9,469 trillion according to the International Monetary Fund. According to the calculation of the balance of shopping ability (PPP), China’s economy is also in second place, with a value of US $ 16.149 trillion. In 2013, the GDP per capita was the US $ 11,868, while the GDP per capita was the US $ 6,959. In this case, China in the order of 90 out of 183 countries in the ranking of GDP per capita.

The Chinese economy as a socialist economy makes it the main economy that is the fastest growing in the world, with an average growth rate of 10% for 30 years. There are 31 administrative divisions in China. Below is the top administrative division according to the GDP ranking in 2012. GDP is diverted from CNY to USD using an FX rating of 6.3125 CNY / USD.

From January 1, 2002, China has become a member of the World Trade Organization. In the new system, the Chinese Government emphasizes increasing personal income and introducing new management systems to increase productivity. The government also focuses on foreign trade as the main foundation for economic growth. The government established more than 2000 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in which investment laws were stretched to attract foreign capital.

The result was a doubling of GDP from 1978. In the year of 1999, with a number of population that reach to 1.25 billion people and GDP of only $ 3,800 per capita, China has amazingly become the world’s sixth largest economy in terms of exchange rates and the third largest in this world after the European Union and the United States were purchasing power. The average annual income of Chinese workers is $ 1,300. China’s economic development is one of the fastest in the world, around 7-8% per year. This makes China the world’s main focus today with almost all countries.

Economic Development Strategy

In its development slowly the country’s economic development has shifted from a guided economy to a mixed economy that is heading towards a free economic system. In an official document issued recently, the government outlined a democratic state administration. Economic development in China through four stages, namely:

  1. Since late 1978, the Chinese leadership has renewed the economic system from the Soviet planned economy to a market-oriented economy but still within the rigid political framework of the Communist Party.
  2. The big leap in which China left the Soviet Union’s planned economic model and changed from a guided economy to a mixed economy.
  3. The cultural revolution, where the socialist market economy is in the presence of state control at the macroeconomic level, and centralized structuralize policies. Produce efficiency by maximizing profits, selective involvement in the economy, and fast and more stable economic growth.
  4. China’s growth in the current era shifted from an open economy to a market orientation.

Socialist Market Economy

is the economic system used by China (People’s Republic of China). This system is based on the dominance of the state-owned sector and open market reform. This system originated from China’s economic reforms introduced under Deng Xiaoping’s government. The reason for his ideology was that China was in the main stage of socialism as an initial stage in the style of socialist production.

Therefore it is adapted to capitalist techniques in order to develop. However, this system is widely criticized as a form of state capitalism. In terms of exports and imports, China is included in the list of the largest export-import countries. In fact, it is estimated that China’s economic power will defeat American power with China’s revenues reaching $ 8382.


China, US, and India are the Biggest Air Pollution

China, the United States, and India are the biggest suppliers of carbon pollution in the world. this was said by scientists who were discussing how to reduce carbon pollution in the air. Scientists estimate that if emissions continue to increase, in the next 30 years, the earth will increase in heat as much as 1.1 degrees Celsius. “This is the wrong thing,” said Norwegian Scientist Team Global Carbon Project International Glen Peters.

Project Team Ikea

The project team said that emissions continued to increase 2.5 percent for this year. “The time is very short,” Pierre Friedlingtein said. Meanwhile, Ecologist from Carnegie’s institution, Chris Field, said there must be a definite step to overcome the challenges of climate change. It is known that these emissions are mostly derived from burning fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas and forest fires, Causing carbon to be stored in the atmosphere.

To reduce air emissions, company executives such as Apple, Ikea, and oil companies take part in events in Manhattan. Hopefully, they can make climate commitments too. “Today is very important, for people around the world to support leaders in moving forward and taking the challenge of climate change more seriously,” said chief executive Ikea Peter Agnefjall.

India Competes With China For Bad Affairs In Air Quality

India is now China’s competitor in matters of poor air quality due to pollution. The poor quality of India’s air has resulted in 1.1 million people dying prematurely, almost equal to the number of pollution victims in China. However, when the death toll from air pollution in China over the past few years tends to be stagnant, then in India the victims of air pollution continue to grow.

The number of Indians who died before their time rose 50 percent, directly proportional to the quality of the air that continued to deteriorate. To measure air quality, a 2.5 PM reference is used which calculates the number of healthy particles that enter the lungs. Well, in research conducted by the Health Effect Institute and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the quality of 2.5 PM in India is getting worse than China.

Since 2005, the Chinese government has taken various steps to reduce the adverse effects of air pollution. That is what causes the mortality rate due to pollution tends to be stable in China. While in India, the number of deaths related to air quality continues to increase. In 1990 there were an estimated 737,400 cases of death and in 2015 that figure jumped to 1.09 million. “India and its neighbor Bangladesh have experienced increased air pollution since 2010 and now have the highest concentration of 2.5PM in the world,” the report said. Air pollution in New Delhi in November reached a crisis level. The cause is believed to originate from burning plants, car exhaust fumes, dust, and coal-fired power plants.

He added, “Intuitively if the wind weakens, more pollution will remain closer to the ground than lift up.” Although South Asian monsoon has managed to offset the rate of emissions so far, scientists say continued increases in air pollution may exceed the ability of hurricanes to carry out their functions as pollutant cleaners, so that this process is hampered.


The Ecuador Earthquake Is The Most Powerful In Decades

The quake that rocked Ecuador Saturday was bigger than originally calculated, and the most powerful in recent decades. The death toll continues to grow. The government estimates 272 people have died. The US Geological Survey Agency initially stated the earthquake’s strength was 7.4 on the Richter scale, but then corrected it to 7.8. The epicenter is located 19 km in the ground. After the main earthquake, there were at least 135 aftershocks. One of them has a magnitude of 5.6.

Indispensable assistance began arriving Sunday to the devastated area caused by the biggest earthquake that occurred in the past few decades. The death toll continues to increase. Meanwhile, more than 2,000 people were injured, so it is estimated that the number of injured victims will continue to increase.

More than 3,000 food packages and nearly 8,000 beds were distributed to survivors. Neighboring Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia, where earthquakes are also felt to organize humanitarian assistance provided from the air. While the European Union, Spain, Peru and Mexico also promised assistance.

The Most Terrible Since 1979

The epicenter is located about 170 km northwest of the capital Quito. The capital itself did not suffer significant damage, only the walls were cracked and the power lines were cut off. President Rafael Correa, who was on a visit to Italy, immediately returned to his country and declared a national emergency, and encouraged Ecuadorians to remain calm and strong in the face of disaster.

Sadness is great and tragedy is also great, but Ecuador will find a way to get back up. As he said in Portoviejo, the city that was hardest hit by the earthquake. On Monday, he said the death toll would still increase in large numbers.

From the western part of Portoviejo, it was reported that at least 100 inmates escaped from prison after the earthquake occurred. The prison building was reported to be one of the damaged buildings. Thus, stated Minister of Justice Ledy Zuniga via Twitter. He added that 30 had now returned to prison. A number of prisoners surrendered to the authorities, and others were arrested by the police.

Another Coastal City Was Also Rocked By An Earthquake

Other coastal areas were also rocked by earthquakes, and a number of people were reported killed or injured. Mayor Pedernales, Gabriel Alcivar, told the media that many buildings had collapsed, especially hotels where many tourists stayed. “People can hear victims screaming from the wreckage that is happening,” said Agustin Robles, who survived the earthquake. “In a pharmacy, a number of people are trapped, but from the outside, we can’t do anything,” he added.

The government is now warning citizens to prepare for a stronger earthquake in the coming hours and days. Venezuela’s northern coast was rocked by a strong earthquake, where the tremors were reported to be felt up to Trinidad Tobago and the Caribbean Islands. The United States Geological Survey noted, an earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter Scale (SR) struck the northern coast of the country on Tuesday, August 21, 2018, at 17.31 local time – or Wednesday morning Western Indonesia Time.

The epicenter was next to the waters east of the city of Carupano at a depth of 123 kilometers (76 miles). Moreover,  Colombian Geological Service (Colombian Geological Service) says the earthquake strength is 7.0 SR. The earthquake was also felt up to a distance of more than 600 kilometers from Carupano. Residents panicked and immediately ran outside their homes and dwellings due to heavy shocks.

The tense moment was recorded by a state television station when Diosdado Cabello, one of the strongest politicians in Venezuela, was delivering a speech at a pro-government demonstration. “I never felt an earthquake that was so fast before,” María Ramírez Cabello wrote via her Twitter account. He was a reporter who was in Ciudad Bolívar when the earthquake occurred.

Meanwhile, footage uploaded to social media by other Venezuelan journalist’s shows that fearful residents gather on the streets and many scatter from inside supermarkets. Through posting on his personal Twitter account, Venezuela’s Interior Minister, Nestor Luis Reverol, said, “We call on all Venezuelans to remain calm. The authorities are ready to handle this emergency.”

Whereas in a short speech,  Reverol explained and confirmed the earthquake. “We want to inform you … that at 17.31, Venezuela was hit by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake that was felt in various states, including Nueva Esparta, Sucre, Monagas, Bolivar, Delta Amacuro, Aragua, Carabobo, and Caracas,” call it. “So far there have been no reports of casualties.” Local official media, Telesur, also confirmed Reverol’s report: no one died, injured or the building was badly damaged.


Everything You Need to Prepare for Mount Bromo Tour

Having a fun holiday must be fun and attractive for you. Especially if you want to explore the beauty of Indonesia, a country with heaps of amazing holiday spots. Choosing a Bromo tour package seems to be a good solution if you want a simple arranged trip to this beautiful mountain. But, before you can explore the beautiful mountain, you will need to prepare for your trip so you can enjoy the trip easily. Besides, with plenty of similar tour packages, you might want to consider which one the best is.

Planning the Essential Parts of Your Trip

Enjoying your trip will never be as easy as choosing a tour package. If you are new to the location where you visit, we recommend you to book a tour package that is suitable for you. Therefore, complete planning is necessary for your trip. Here are some essential aspects you can plan early:

  1. At first, you need to determine when you’ll visit Mt Bromo. Determining your schedule will be important as it will determine the price of your chosen package. You will also find a perfect schedule if you select a good time for exploring this beautiful mountain. Choose a trip package, not in peak season for getting a more affordable price and comfortable trip.
  2. You need to also know the locations where you will spend your holiday. When you visit Mt Bromo, you might find lots of beautiful spots for taking photographs and its amazing scenery. So, you can select the locations you’ll visit when you stroll around in Mt Bromo. By planning the locations, you can manage your trip without having the difficulty.

Accommodations and Other Plannings for Mount Bromo Trip

Planning your holiday is more complete when you can consider the accommodation during your trip. Not only about how you sleep in the location, but also about how you can deal with the foods, transportations, and others. If you join a Bromo tour package, you might find an arranged trip. But, if you want to travel without using any tour agent, here are some things you need to plan:

  1. Visiting Bromo means you will reach the mountain from Malang. It means, choosing a good transportation option is necessary. If you want to travel by yourself, you can choose to rent a car from any car rentals in Malang. There are plenty of car rentals with a driver who will get you to Bromo safely.
  2. Choose the hotel or resort wisely during your trip. You can choose them based on the reviews from internet daring application. Besides, you can also choose the facilities, price, and location of your selected hotels there.
  3. For everyone who is looking for good food, East Java is a great place to visit with loads of delicious foods. Visiting Bromo is not a mistake since you will find plenty of delicious foods during your trip. But always remember if there is any allergenic effect when you consume a particular food.

Those are some things you need to plan if you want to visit the mountain without a tour agent. But, it seems complicated and not easy for you who visit them for the first time. So, you can consider choosing to book a Bromo tour package for an easy trip!