Decoration Ideas for Minimalist Home and Apartments

Many people have a house with a narrow or minimalist size, but can it still be made to look wider? The answer is it can be done. Your favorite room or your most comfortable room can be made more spacious and less crowded. With a little energy to rearrange rooms with home decor ideas, a new atmosphere will be created which will increase your space for movement there.

Multifunctional Shelf

The first decoration is, make a multifunctional shelf on the wall that can load your favorite little items. Study desk or work desk are not only made full of paper and books. So that the mind becomes fresher and inspiration continues to flow, try to make this versatile shelf. You can even reach your favorite items without any effort. The important thing is, saving space so your room has become even wider.

Cabinet With Hanging Racks

Of course, the cabinet is the most thing that consuming places. You can make hanging racks from unused wooden straps and boards. So that space is more efficient. For wall decorations that also sweeten the room, cabinets are an indeed good choice. But, it turns out that the wide cabinet shape is consumed a lot of space. In order to be more efficient, you can make a rope and unused wooden wall display cabinet. You can just nail, also hang and then your favorite books and mini plants can look even more beautiful on the wall.

Replace Sofa

Next home decor ideas, you can replace the sofa with an ordinary chair. The comfort that the sofa provides is second to none. When you are reluctant to move to the bed, the sofa where you are lying. But, the large size of that sofa makes your room feels even narrower. You can occasionally change your sofa with an ordinary chair to make a beautiful wall display. With these tips, you can also enjoy the space saving and make the room more relieved. Don’t forget to add a pillow on it, so it’s no less comfortable like a sofa. Cat pillows are also cute and make the wall more beautiful.

Read It and Hang On The Magazine Hanger

You can make magazine hanger which makes the stackless and the room is more comfortable. Instead of being left piled up, you can just hang your magazine on the wall. The unique cover of the magazine can make your room and your wall more alive. You can hang the magazine as easy as hanging it like a clothes hanger. With this decoration, your room will look neater without stacks of magazines.

Use Space Under Bed

Next home decor ideas, you can use space under the bed you have to store books neatly instead of empty. Space under the bed of course sometimes forgotten. You can’t miss this empty space to store your belongings. You can store things such as books, shoes, and else which can fit. You must use this space instead of being a nest of mosquitoes that cause disease. With this decoration, you also can keep your small things neater.

Use Iron Hanger Rack

Iron rack hanger that you often encounter in clothing store can also be used as a replacement for a cabinet. So that you don’t make it stuffy with a big cabinet, you can use this ordinary iron rack hanger to hang your clothes. In fact, you can also make it a shoe rack at the bottom. You can stay tidy even though you don’t need a lot of space.

That’s it the review this time which discusses some decorating ideas to beautify the walls and rooms and also those home decor ideas make a wider room for a minimalist home.