China, US, and India are the Biggest Air Pollution

China, the United States, and India are the biggest suppliers of carbon pollution in the world. this was said by scientists who were discussing how to reduce carbon pollution in the air. Scientists estimate that if emissions continue to increase, in the next 30 years, the earth will increase in heat as much as 1.1 degrees Celsius. “This is the wrong thing,” said Norwegian Scientist Team Global Carbon Project International Glen Peters.

Project Team Ikea

The project team said that emissions continued to increase 2.5 percent for this year. “The time is very short,” Pierre Friedlingtein said. Meanwhile, Ecologist from Carnegie’s institution, Chris Field, said there must be a definite step to overcome the challenges of climate change. It is known that these emissions are mostly derived from burning fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas and forest fires, Causing carbon to be stored in the atmosphere.

To reduce air emissions, company executives such as Apple, Ikea, and oil companies take part in events in Manhattan. Hopefully, they can make climate commitments too. “Today is very important, for people around the world to support leaders in moving forward and taking the challenge of climate change more seriously,” said chief executive Ikea Peter Agnefjall.

India Competes With China For Bad Affairs In Air Quality

India is now China’s competitor in matters of poor air quality due to pollution. The poor quality of India’s air has resulted in 1.1 million people dying prematurely, almost equal to the number of pollution victims in China. However, when the death toll from air pollution in China over the past few years tends to be stagnant, then in India the victims of air pollution continue to grow.

The number of Indians who died before their time rose 50 percent, directly proportional to the quality of the air that continued to deteriorate. To measure air quality, a 2.5 PM reference is used which calculates the number of healthy particles that enter the lungs. Well, in research conducted by the Health Effect Institute and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the quality of 2.5 PM in India is getting worse than China.

Since 2005, the Chinese government has taken various steps to reduce the adverse effects of air pollution. That is what causes the mortality rate due to pollution tends to be stable in China. While in India, the number of deaths related to air quality continues to increase. In 1990 there were an estimated 737,400 cases of death and in 2015 that figure jumped to 1.09 million. “India and its neighbor Bangladesh have experienced increased air pollution since 2010 and now have the highest concentration of 2.5PM in the world,” the report said. Air pollution in New Delhi in November reached a crisis level. The cause is believed to originate from burning plants, car exhaust fumes, dust, and coal-fired power plants.

He added, “Intuitively if the wind weakens, more pollution will remain closer to the ground than lift up.” Although South Asian monsoon has managed to offset the rate of emissions so far, scientists say continued increases in air pollution may exceed the ability of hurricanes to carry out their functions as pollutant cleaners, so that this process is hampered.