Dress Guide For Special Occasions

/A person’s appearance will look good if what is worn following the event. To be able to look elegant and fit our body, it is better if we dress according to what event we are going to visit. Moreover, women will usually look elegant and charming if they are dressed properly and properly. There are so many rayon yarn manufacturing that provides a variety of fabric materials to be able to get the right mix of dresses.

Several Types Of Dress Mix For Special Occasions

Each event certainly has different activities. Therefore, an event must also have a kind of dress code that varies from one event to another. To handle this, usually, rayon yarn manufacturing also provides various materials that are suitable to be mixed and matched with other materials. Some types of dresses for various special events that we must know are as follows;

  1. Casual dress

When you hear the word casual, what comes to your mind? Yes, casual itself means that casual clothes are not too glamorous. Casual dresses usually look more elegant and classy, casual dresses can be combined with various unique things such as wearing flats and jeans.

  1. Dressy casual

This type of alloy is more casual which is a little more glamorous. Usually, this model of clothing is used for semi-formal occasions. Women for this model usually also use a jumpsuit combined with heels or sandals. As for men, they usually only use a polo shirt or shirt combined with a blazer.

  1. Cocktails

This type of alloy looks like a dress for semi-formal, usually, for women, the weapon they use is a necklace. As for men, it is a shirt with a dark tie


Mixed Types Of Dresses For Special Occasions

The number of fashion models makes rayon yarn manufacturing also brainstorming to be able to produce more and more various products. So don’t be surprised if there are many types of fabrics and also dress models that are combined to be able to attend various events, both formal and non-formal events. As for the various combinations of dresses for certain events, including the following;

  • Beach formal

Beach formal is one type of dress blend model that is usually used on the beach. The beach itself is very synonymous with a maxi dress. The Maxi dress itself can be combined with sandals to give an aesthetic, unique, and relaxed impression. For the appearance of men themselves, they can usually use clothes with a yellowish brown color and combined with a shirt.

  • Barnyard chic

Barnyard chic is a combination of dresses that are usually used for an event held on a plantation. Usually, this model mostly uses clothes that are usually worn by cowboys, namely by using a jeans-colored shirt and trousers and a tie. However, women usually use a dress that is combined with boots.

  • Black tie and white tie

A black tie and white tie is a dress designed for formal occasions. These colors are so elegant that anyone who wears them for formal events will look great and match. This alloy is designed for formal events because the combination is quite simple but makes anyone who wears it very elegant. Between black tie and white tie, Most have in common only the color is different. They wear black or white dresses for women, while men wear white or black suits as well.

That’s some important and interesting information that we can convey related to various blends of dresses that are suitable for various events so that when used in every event you will feel comfortable. This is also a source of thought for rayon yarn manufacturing to be able to meet the needs of the community regarding dresses and fabrics. Have a nice day!


How to Customize and Modify Your Motorcycle

If you are bikers, you know that customizing and modifying your motorcycle is one hobby, and something you might like as motorcycle lovers. However, it isn’t easy nor cheap to customize and modify your motorcycle, especially if you are still a beginner, and don’t know any prior knowledge about the motorcycle, and machinery. If you don’t know how to customize a motorcycle, here are a few tricks to do it.

There are many types of motorcycles, each with its specifications, engine, and different brands. From antique motor types such as Harley Davidson, or Honda Monkey sidecar to brand new, stronger muscle motorcycles such as Kawasaki Ninja, or Yamaha Vixion. There are many brands, and different types and builds of each motorcycle, so you need to understand how you can customize your type.

Here are steps for customizing, and sprucing up your motorcycle, with a better body, chassis, better paint job, and many more. We provide tips to customize your motorcycle for every type, and category of motorcycle from classic Honda, to a powerful sportbike, and even high-end classical motorcycles such as Harley Davidson.

Here is How Your Bike Will Stand Out, and Perform Well

If you are a motorcycle lover, then you are definitely like traveling down the road with your motorcycle, traveling for hours and hours, just you, your motorcycle, and the road ahead. The feeling of wind in your face, and putting miles and miles behind you is something that can’t be described as bikers.

If you want to try to spruce up your motorcycle, by customizing, and modifying your motorcycle, here are a few tips, and directions on how to do it. See also our other articles about classic bike modifications like Honda Monkey sidecar and Harley customization.

Try Sprucing Up Your Bike with Better Paint Job

Believe it or not, a better paint job can make your bike look way better than before. You can either choose a single color for your bike, or you can also choose a specific design for your motorbike body, or you can just go all out with chrome paint. You can also add your design to your motorbike, it is up to you for your paint job design.

Give your motorbike a shine, and you will let everyone see your motorcycle. You can use chrome as your chrome paint, as it is a very versatile paint that can be applied to any part of the motorcycle as you wish.

  • Custom Lighting 

Custom lighting can be added to your bike, from custom single pencil beam, and strip lights for better visibility to other bikers, clear lenses, or faceted reflectors for your motorcycle. It can be customized however, keep it in mind to make sure the light is not too bright or else you will also make other bikers annoyed by the bright light.

  • Add more heat to your bike grips

It isn’t appearances customization, so it won’t change how your motorcycle appears, but it adds a touch of comfort to your bike grips, especially during the cold season. With added heat in your bike grips, it will add more comfort, and warmth to your grip, letting you enjoy your ride even when it is cold out.

  • Customize Your Bike Exhaust Pipes

One of the best parts of customizing your motorcycle is to customize your bike exhaust pipes. To make your bike sounds unique, and let people hear you coming, you can add a customizable exhaust pipe for your bike. It will also give you more horsepower to slightly improve your bike’s overall performance.

Many classical antique motorcycles such as Harley Davidson, or Honda Monkey Sidecar already have pretty solid built-in Exhaust pipes.

  • Change Your Tires

With many customs and styles of tires available, you can give more enthusiastic looks to your motorcycle tire. However, keep in mind that you will also need to consider safety aspects of changing your tire type, for example, tire slips for the rainy or winter seasons.

  • You can also add engravings

Have favorite quotes, sayings, or designs? You can engrave it into your motorcycle, by adding an engraving to the chrome body of your motorcycle.

Now, these are 6 tips and directions to customize and spruce up your bike even more. If you want to see classical motorcycle tips for modifications, and customization, you will need to see our Honda Monkey Sidecar modifications article.


The Stylish Stone Arts Style to Know

Are you looking for a good thing to complete your home? Do you want to get a good design to your home to make it more stylish and comfortable? Get to know some things to make sure your design is perfectly fine by using one of the hardest materials in the world? Make sure you choose some stone arts that will be perfect for your home. Nowadays, many stone arts are available in Indonesia. The stone art of Indonesia is in good quality. It comes from the highest quality material, carved by the most credible carver and have a plenty of styles. Therefore, it can be found in many forms and functions. Of course, you will also find a lot of unique things for home.

The Unique, Premium Styles of Indonesia Stone Art

As one of the best countries with stone art, you can choose them based on what you like. In case you choose them, you will have a plenty of premium stone art options. You don’t have to be afraid of getting the stone art for your home. however, you can choose them based on your need. There are some basic styles that are usually available for the buyers:

  1. Loose stones are available for everyone who wants to put extra natural look for their home. When it comes to loose stones, you can choose them based on what you want. As you choose it, you can use the stones for many things. As it might be simple, it still has lots of functions to make your home beautiful. Therefore, you will love having them to keep your house to be pretty.
  2. Mosaic stones are also good and beautiful. It can be a part of your house wall decoration. Besides, you can also find lots of stone art of Indonesia products that will be perfect to try. As you choose the one that will be perfect for you, it can be quite simple to enhance the look of your home with the mosaic stones. Choose some designs that will be perfect for everyone, so you will not get any disappointment when using them.
  3. Do you need some stone-made decoration to keep your house beautiful? You can get so many things that will be simple to use. When it comes to you to decorate your house, having a stone-made décor will not make you feel disappointed. It is simple, unique, and attractive in its own way. You don’t have to be worried when you choose it as your favorite thing.

How to Purchase Stone Arts in Indonesia

While choosing a product is simple, you can’t just buy whatever you see in the market. Make sure you get to know the artist and the quality of their creations. The sculptures can be different and you know each one of them. Therefore, don’t hesitate trying to get the right options that will be good for everyone. Especially when it comes to you to look for a good stone art of Indonesia product, you need to know which one you love. By doing so, you will be happy to choose it!


Advantages and Tips of Wearing Stylish Softlens

Non prescription colored contacts is one of the stylish contact lenses. Softlens is one of the viewing aids beside eyeglasses. Softlens is considered portable aid since its small design. Some people think that softlens or contact lenses are good for eyes and able to make the person who wears it look more attractive. They may not know that the fake stylish soft lens may be dangerous for the eyes and even the deeper parts of the eyes fibril.

Advantages of Wearing Stylish Softlens

There are several advantages of wearing soft lenses, especially that affect your look and fashion. Here are some advantages that might want to know.

  1. Comfortable

Wearing contact lenses is more comfortable than eyeglasses. This is because contact lenses are used inside the eyes. Sometimes we do not even feel the lenses since nothing is tingling on our nose that makes us uncomfortable.

  1. Increase Self Confidence

Stylish contact lenses are also designed to increase the appearance and make the person who wears them looks more attractive. They are available in so many colors. The eyes look prettier, round and even sparkling while wearing it. This will increase itself confidence who wear contact lenses when they appear in public.

  1. Improve vision

Knowing the condition of our eyes before wearing contact lenses will help us to choose the suitable lenses. For example, when we know that our eyes are a cylinder, choose the cylinder contact lenses with the exact size. In short, we do not need to use eyeglasses to see clearer. Since contact lenses are used a stick to the retina, the ability of the eyes to see clearer become faster than wearing eyeglasses.

  1. Protect The Eyes

UV ray does not only harm the skin, but also the eyes. Wearing non prescription colored contacts with its UV protection can avoid the eyes from radiations of UV ray. UV rays can be deflected by bright surfaces like water, sand, and mirror. The surface of contact lenses is covered by water. The surface of the contact lenses deflect the UV rays avoiding the retina.

Tips of Wearing Stylish Softlens

Wearing soft lenses cannot be done in a way that you like, there are some tips and a special way to wear and also treat the soft lenses that you wear on your eyes. Here are some tips.

  1. Check The Eyes Health

Before using contact lenses, make sure your eyes are in good condition. Knowing the eyes health will help us know the best lenses to use. The healthier the eyes the safer it is to wear contact lenses.

  1. Stay Clean

Cleanliness becomes the most important thing to use contact lenses. Make sure your hands are clean since we use hand to put the lenses into the retina. We have to avoid dirt to be attached to the lenses. The dirt that gets inside the lenses will irritate the eyes and leads to even worse problems.

  1. Quality Control

We have to be careful about the cheap contact lenses because usually, cheap contact lenses do not have great quality. You have to pay attention to the reviews from the people who have ever wear those lenses. Do not forget to check the expired date of the contact lenses before buying it. Normally, a pair of contact lenses are safe to use for 6 to 12 months.

  1. Usage Time

Every soft lens has its own water level. It will determine how long a softlens can be use a day. Basically, a pair of contact lenses should not be used more than 8 hours a day. If it is used longer than the recommended usage time, it will make the eyes red and watery.

Wearing non prescription colored contacts will help you look stunning with its stylish colors. You can fit your dress and makeup style according to the color and style of the contact lenses that you use. There are several risks you may find when you choose the wrong contact lenses.


Decoration Ideas for Minimalist Home and Apartments

Many people have a house with a narrow or minimalist size, but can it still be made to look wider? The answer is it can be done. Your favorite room or your most comfortable room can be made more spacious and less crowded. With a little energy to rearrange rooms with home decor ideas, a new atmosphere will be created which will increase your space for movement there.

Multifunctional Shelf

The first decoration is, make a multifunctional shelf on the wall that can load your favorite little items. Study desk or work desk are not only made full of paper and books. So that the mind becomes fresher and inspiration continues to flow, try to make this versatile shelf. You can even reach your favorite items without any effort. The important thing is, saving space so your room has become even wider.

Cabinet With Hanging Racks

Of course, the cabinet is the most thing that consuming places. You can make hanging racks from unused wooden straps and boards. So that space is more efficient. For wall decorations that also sweeten the room, cabinets are an indeed good choice. But, it turns out that the wide cabinet shape is consumed a lot of space. In order to be more efficient, you can make a rope and unused wooden wall display cabinet. You can just nail, also hang and then your favorite books and mini plants can look even more beautiful on the wall.

Replace Sofa

Next home decor ideas, you can replace the sofa with an ordinary chair. The comfort that the sofa provides is second to none. When you are reluctant to move to the bed, the sofa where you are lying. But, the large size of that sofa makes your room feels even narrower. You can occasionally change your sofa with an ordinary chair to make a beautiful wall display. With these tips, you can also enjoy the space saving and make the room more relieved. Don’t forget to add a pillow on it, so it’s no less comfortable like a sofa. Cat pillows are also cute and make the wall more beautiful.

Read It and Hang On The Magazine Hanger

You can make magazine hanger which makes the stackless and the room is more comfortable. Instead of being left piled up, you can just hang your magazine on the wall. The unique cover of the magazine can make your room and your wall more alive. You can hang the magazine as easy as hanging it like a clothes hanger. With this decoration, your room will look neater without stacks of magazines.

Use Space Under Bed

Next home decor ideas, you can use space under the bed you have to store books neatly instead of empty. Space under the bed of course sometimes forgotten. You can’t miss this empty space to store your belongings. You can store things such as books, shoes, and else which can fit. You must use this space instead of being a nest of mosquitoes that cause disease. With this decoration, you also can keep your small things neater.

Use Iron Hanger Rack

Iron rack hanger that you often encounter in clothing store can also be used as a replacement for a cabinet. So that you don’t make it stuffy with a big cabinet, you can use this ordinary iron rack hanger to hang your clothes. In fact, you can also make it a shoe rack at the bottom. You can stay tidy even though you don’t need a lot of space.

That’s it the review this time which discusses some decorating ideas to beautify the walls and rooms and also those home decor ideas make a wider room for a minimalist home.


7 Interesting Types of Living Room Styles

The presence of a living room idea is quite important because in this space there is a lot of interaction between family members of residential residents. For this reason, the design of living room ideas should not be underestimated. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, the comfort of the design of the family room is quite important because this room will be quite often used for various activities.

For that, do not let the limitations of land and space prevent you from having a comfortable and functional family room design. Check out a variety of inspirations in a small, minimalist style living room design that is definitely suitable to fill your tiny dream home!

Create Tiny Family Room Designs Wider With Bright Colors

The easiest tips to give a broad impression on the design of a small family room are to maximize lighting in the design of the living room and use bright colors. Not only gives the impression of being spacious, but the composition of all-white colors in the interior of the living room ideas is also quite interesting and gives the impression of comfort and home in residential.

More Fresh With Organic Colors

If the small white living room ideas concept feels too monotonous, you can give a little touch of natural colors such as green, brick, and chocolate to the elements of the complimentary room decor to give a more refreshing impression on the design of the living room you have.

Turn On The Atmosphere Of A Family Room Design With Brave Colors

You can also remove the monotonous nuances in the design of a small living room by applying bold contrasting colors to the dominance of neutral colors that are bright either in the furniture or in the paint color of the house. The design of the family room with a color composition like this also gives a more dynamic feel to the tiny family room that is in your residence.

Elegant With A Family Room Design Concept Monochromatic

If you want a more elegant impression on the design of your tiny family room, a monochromatic color composition can also be a sufficient choice well. The monochrome concept gives a minimalist impression that is more modern and timeless.

Design Of A Family Room With Natural Decorations

The selection of decorations to complete the living room ideas of the family room can also be a determinant of nuances that will be created in the family room that you have. To give a more lively and fresh impression, using vegetation or ornamental plants as a complement to the design of a family room is not a bad idea.

Warmer With A Little Touch Of Earthy Tone Color

The design of a warm family room is believed to be able to create comfort while on the move in it. One way to bring a small family room design that also feels warm is to apply tons of earthy colors to the room. Starting from ottoman chairs, carpets, to room decor can use warm colors that are harmonious.

Combining The Design Of A Family Room With Other Space

To provide living room ideas may be a more spacious impression, combining the family room with other room needs you can try. For example, a family room blends with a minimalist dining room. With maximum lighting and no boundary partitioning, the family room not only feels spacious but also makes each family member feel closer.

That is all about several types of interesting living room ideas that you might want to apply to your living room. There are plenty of designs and ideas that you can choose to make your living room great again.


9 Fashion Trends Forecast for Spring Summer of 2019

Fashion is running and it always changes from season to season. Every year designers are busy to forecast what fashion trends actually will be. In this 2019, those who like to follow the hype things must have looked forward to catching the trends. At the beginning of 2019, it is good to see what trends will be happening for the spring-summer season.

What Will be Happening for SS19?

It seems like in this 2019 you will see things are going more unique and fresher. There are lots of world’s famous brands that already prepare the forecast trends for this spring summer of 2019. Then, this must be good news for women who like to get something fresh in the early year of 2019.

Trends of Spring Summer 2019 Fashion

Now, let’s take a look at what actually fashion trends for this spring – summer 2019 that can be a reference for you.

  • Sequins

This blink – blink look seems to be happening to this season. Most of you may have not seen that sequins were trending in couple years ago. Now, the trends of sequins on your outfit will be going up. This is actually good to wear at night when you attend some events like a birthday party. This blink – blink beads on your dress will be something amazing to wear.

  • Puffed Shoulders

We are back to the Victorian era where the women who wear this obviously come from upper class. Well, dress with puffed shoulders will be a trend for this year. It does not only look classics but also classy. Puffed shoulders which are combined with a mid-length sleeve or long sleeve are so stunning to see in this spring – summer fashion trends.

  • Neon Color

Spring summer season commonly has something fresh which reflects the sunny weather during the season. Then, this season looks a little bit braver by presenting neon color during spring – summer. You know that neon color does not only look fresh but also unique, so if you think you will be seen different in this summer, try this neon color on your outfit!

  • Fringe

Where do you often see fringing? The answer is on the cowboy boots and now it is adapted to be a fashion trend for this spring summer season. Most of you may often see the fringe sometimes applied on the bags such as a shoulder bag or handbag. Well, for this year, you can see this thing on your outfit. It would be such a good look if you wear fringe outer which looks a little bit manly.

  • Waterproof for summer

Recalling back to the last year’s summer when the weather was unpredictable, there will be late to get prepared for this year’s summer. Wearing waterproof outfit gets you something different and cool. Moreover, it is shown in light colors so that it looks perfect.

  • Tie-dye

We are back to 60s print when tie-dye was happening at that time. This would be so much cooler for you to wear this during the summer time. There are two kinds of tie-dye outfit, one which is combined with several kinds of colors and another one with only two colors.

  • Fancy Flats

You will see lots of fancy flats coming this summer. Some are combined with the furry look. This is really cool for you to get the fancy flats and wear them

  • Sensible shorts

Another fashion trend that will be happening is sensible shorts. This kind of shorts is taken from the cycling shorts which looks boyish, loose and in knee length. It is suitable for you to wear shorts to take a walk in the summer.

  • Oversized hat

Now it is time for an oversized hat to be the trends of SS19. It reminds us to the weather in summer which seems to be so stunning to wear this. You can meet the oversized hats when the early summer is coming. So, be ready!

Those are things that will be happening and trending in this spring summer of 2019. All the things come in fresh look which is totally different from last year. Some of the famous brand plan to release this SS19 fashion so that you have to be ready for it. Follow the trend and be the trendsetter around you.


How to Mix and Match Man’s Outfit

Choosing a good outfit for a day is always fun. Especially if you are looking for something casual to wear in your daily activities. Deciding your daily wear for performing our most attractive look is what you need to look handsome and stylish. Choosing a perfect choice for your daily wear is not difficult. The key to having a good style is by choosing the one that is comfortable to wear. Many people are looking for a casual outfit that will also emphasize their figure as well as keeping their activities to be comfortable. In this case, improving the outfit selection is the only option.

The Smart Tips To Choose A Good Outfit

A good outfit is not always the best and the most expensive ones. In this case, choosing a good outfit is a matter of taste. So, you need to know what style you love to wear for the daily outfit. In this case, there are some tips for mix and match your outfit to make your performance more attractive.

  1. First, make sure you know the style you want to wear every day. In everyday life, you can opt to wear a comfortable shirt or t-shirt. Those clothes will be more than just stylish for you. Those clothes are comfortable and easy to wear. Keep in choosing the ones which are made from cotton so the clothes will absorb the sweat.
  2. If you love a particular clothing brand, you can opt to wear that brand as you like. Especially for casual clothing, you can choose the ones which are comfortable with a perfect cutting. Always remember that the cutting might be different, but they are unique and you can try them. You can also choose a particular brand as your choice to look elegant for office and other brands for your special occasions, just choose the one that suits your style.
  3. Keep in using the safe color for your everyday look. In this case, you can choose some colors as your signature. For the colors, you can also suit them with your skin color. For the ones with a cool undertone, choosing colors like navy will be great. But, if you have warm skin undertone, you can choose warm colors like red, brown and others.

Adding Accessories For The Outfit

Your everyday outfit is not only your signature but also something that is unique and simple to wear. In this case, you can choose to wear some accessories that will be good and improve your look when you wear them. There are some things you need to know when you choose a good outfit with the combination of good accessories.

  1. You can wear accessories with the proper size. In this case, don’t wear the ones which are excessive in size. You don’t want to look like you’re out from any fairy tale. You can choose the ones which are good and simple, so it will not cause the imbalance on your performance.
  2. Choose the style which is simple and also elegant. As a young, active man, you can choose the simple accessories to imply your look on the stylish style. So, you can get some wristband and watches to make your performance more attractive.

Those are some things you can consider when you choose the outfit. In order to find the best style, you can also get an inspiration from the magazine or online reference to look stylish and smart.


How to Get a Stylish Dressing Up in the House


Some people just love the idea of being stylish at home. Although it is not a popular thing, there are so many people who are looking for the best way to stay stylish at home. In this case, dressing up to stay in is not a mistake, but you can still try to have some unique ways to feel happy and confident. Dressing up to stay in the house is not a difficult thing. Always remember to make sure that you can choose the home outfit which is simple and also comfortable. So, how do you choose the right outfit for your need?

Tips To Be Stylish And Comfortable At Home

When you hear about dressing up at home, you might think about how you choose those super stylish, elegant style for your need. In this case, you can choose many things that will be unique and attractive, but still, give you a touch of your signature style. So, here are some fashion items you can try to wear:

  1. The comfy pajamas are the ones you can try to wear at home. When you are staying at home, you can choose the sleek, soft pajamas that are beautiful and comfortable. Make sure those pajamas are made from the best fabric so you can feel comfortable.
  2. If you love having a play with colors, why don’t you try some unique trousers and hoodie for your home outfit? Those pairs of unique clothing are beautiful and simple to wear. The only thing to do is you can choose the best colors, just like the beautiful monochrome colors. Besides, you can play with the fabric, just like cashmere or warm wool.
  3. You can also get creative with your slippers. In this case, your footwear is what makes your comfort at home more than just a thing. In this case, you can choose some sheepskin slippers for the cold days. Choose the fluffy slippers with furry fabric to keep your days fun.
  4. When you’re looking for something glamorous to wear at home, you can choose some beautiful pajamas that will help you to look more beautiful. Choose the elegant colors to keep your performance glamorous in the house.
  5. To keep yourself warm, you can also choose the sweatshirt for your body. The sweatshirt is one of the most popular clothes at home. So, you can choose the best sweatshirt from your favorite brand. This choice will make you feel more comfortable and warmer at home. So, are you eager to try?

The Key Of Being Stylish At Home

When you’re looking for a good performance at home using your best outfit, you can choose some alternatives that will be unique and attractive. In this case, there are some keys that will be important when you dress up to stay in. Your comfort is the key to keep yourself warm and cozy. By choosing the right colors and fabric, then you will have the most comfortable days at home with high-quality clothes.