Why Is There A Cultural Change In Education?

Mathematics is one of the main subjects taught from elementary to high school levels. This lesson is very important because it can be used in various aspects of life. Like the 30 60 90 triangle concept which is useful in building construction to create an ideal home.

Not only mathematics but all the material taught at school is equally important. Like natural science which has branches of physics, biology and chemistry that studies living things and their environment. Then social science which has branches of sociology, geography, economics and accounting which studies social life from various aspects.

There are also language study materials that are useful as guidelines for writing and speaking correctly according to grammar. There are also many kinds of language knowledge because almost every country has its own language. However, in general and internationally, the language subjects taught is English.

All subjects taught in school are very important and need to be mastered by students. Existing subjects are arranged in an educational curriculum that is used in schools as a guide in the learning process.

Reasons for Cultural Change in Education

In the learning process in schools using a guideline called the curriculum. These guidelines are always changing which causes the culture in education to change. The following are some of the reasons why there has been a change in the curriculum in the academic field which includes:

  • The development of the times or technology

The first thing that causes changes in education is the development of the times or technology. Technology has a dynamic nature and continues to develop from time to time which aims to make it easier for humans. Likewise with education that changes following technological developments.

In ancient times the teaching and learning process could only be done face to face where teachers and students met directly at school. However, due to the development of technology, the teaching and learning process can be carried out without having to face to face or online.

Not only that, the media used is also starting to be modern by utilizing technological products such as projectors. These technological products facilitate the teaching and learning process and make it more interesting so that it changes the culture in education.

  • Required needs

The curriculum is made to adapt to the times so that it can adapt to what is needed now and in the future. The goal is that the teaching materials and methods used are relevant to current conditions.

Usually there is addition of teaching material because the material is needed and also reduction of teaching material because it is no longer relevant. Education is carried out to prepare students for the future, therefore learning is always developing and oriented towards the future.

In addition, the material taught is also contextualized with life so that it is more useful. An example of mathematics learning material about 30 60 90 triangle is applied to building construction so that the buildings made can be more sturdy.

Sometimes the curriculum undergoes renewal due to changes in patterns or new discoveries. For example, the educational process is more centered on the teacher who transfers learning material to students. But over time, the teacher is no longer a subject in the learning process.

At this time the teacher is more inclined to be a facilitator who facilitates students in the learning process. Learners are no longer objects but subjects of education who have different abilities.

  • Conditions in different areas

The next change is where education contains local material according to the area. So local content material adapts to regional conditions and needs, where each region is different.

Local content is needed so that education related to the area can be preserved for generations and is still remembered by students. For example, in art subjects, which are usually different regions. Art materials are adapted to the culture in each area.

So in essence, changes in the educational culture are caused by the two factors described above, namely the development of the times or technology and the necessary needs. This is for the sake of creating students who are more visionary and oriented towards existing developments.

Changes that occur in the world of education are needed in order to adapt to the times. In addition, this change will also facilitate the learning process and make the learning process more interesting. As in learning mathematics about the material 30 60 90 triangle which is packaged more interestingly with the help of technology.

Students in the current curriculum are required to be active in the learning process so they can absorb the material well. Thus, the learning process will be more effective and efficient.