The Advantages of Alkaline Water

Water does not only have one type. Although it seems the same and identical, water has various types in different containing. One of the recent products which are announced is alkaline water. It claims more benefits for your health since the scale of its pH is more than the usual water. Moreover, there are a lot of the best alkaline water brands in the market. Basically, the alkaline water contains more pH which is around 8 to 9. This scale is better than the usual water or tap water which usually people take. It has more vitamins which are good for metabolism.

The Best Benefits of the Alkaline Water for Better Health

The alkaline water basically has more pH than tap water. It has more oxygen than hydrogen which is better than the usual one. This condition makes this water having more vitamins. The minerals, sodium, magnesium, and potassium in the alkaline water are higher than the tap water. That is why your body will feel better than usual.

You do not need to take more supplements for increasing the best metabolism in your body. You just need the best alkaline water brands for helping your metabolism increasing well. On the other hand, you may also receive more benefits like anti-aging. The water consists of more collagen and minerals which will let your skin keep hydrated. The wrinkles and any other skin problems will be reduced well.

The Best Recommended Alkaline Water Brands

It must be a great one when you can increase your health body just by the water. You will not be worried anymore by any kind of supplements that might lead to the allergen on your body. Moreover, you can easily now find the best alkaline water brands in the market. There are a lot of you can choose and buy, which are:


This brand actually is not advertised itself officially as alkaline water. However, when we are looking inside of the ingredients so you may found that the pH scale of this water is between 6 to 7 which is as like as pH for the alkaline water. It is also more acidic than the tap water, so you still can use LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water as your alkaline water.

  • AQUAhydrate

AQUAhydrate Electrolyte Alkaline Water is truly alkaline water.  It has pH of 9+ which is more acidic. It will also deliver serious hydration more for an electrolyte boost. It is one of the reasons why you should take this brand as your alkaline water. Moreover, the taste of AQUAhydrate is not as weird as certain alkaline water. You still can get a better taste for alkaline water. That is why AQUAhydrate becomes one of the best alkaline water brands.

  • Essentia Alkaline Water

If you are soccer fans, so you might already familiar with this brand. The Essentia Alkaline Water is the most promoted water brand by musicians and other celebrities. Besides its popularity, the Essentia as the best alkaline water brands has great pH scale which is 9.5.