How to Setup a Free Business Email Address

Working becomes the most essential in human life. Working enables them to survive and buy anything they want. Unfortunately, the existence of a job vacancy cannot fulfill the exploding of the job seeker. Even the scholar will find an obstacle in looking for one. It causes an increase of unemployment. Luckily, some people can rack their brain so they bravely create a job vacancy, in other words, they become businessmen.

The Importance Of Business Email Address

In this modern, the existence of email is extremely needed. However, using personal email is a reckless thing to do, they will get thing in a mess or not in order. Thus, businessmen need to sign up for the business email if they want to make sure their business wants to run smoothly. It also makes them look professional. Even a university has its own business email, for example, New Jersey City University. It has NJCU email for academic-related communication.  It will be good news for students or staff from New Jersey City University because they can use this email as a business and it is free.

How To Setup A Free Business Email Address Using NJCU Email

  1. Getting the email account and password

Say goodbye to paid business email. Students just need to wait for the US Postal Service email to send them their email account and password. They do not need to complete the registration form since they are already registered from the first semester. Thus, the university has sent the ID and how to sign up to all of the students.

  1. Connecting it to their personal email

Students can connect their personal email to so they can forward anything from one account to another easily. They do not to be afraid that their email will be thrown to the spam. The IT has made sure that there is a spam blocker application so all of the important and precious messages will directly appear in the inbox.

  1. Accessing email via a local email client, web-based email client,

Now, they have email. The best thing to do is to make sure their email can be used properly. Hence, they have to try their email. Don’t worry; they can access it in house by phone and computer. If their email cannot work perfectly or have a problem, they can ask directly to IT.

  1. Joining email list

It is great to increase the number of businessmen’s connections and enlarge their circle. Remember the phrase “birds of the same feather flock together”, it means other people who recognize that they have a similar thing, in this case, is they are from New Jersey City University, will be glad to help each other since they have the same fate.

Competition for getting a job is getting hard. It compels people to be businessmen. One of the critical things of being professional businessmen is having a business email address so they can keep the focus on upgrading their business. A scholar from New Jersey City University can use NJCU email to boost their business by getting into its community.