Football and Drama: Perfect Combination of Excitement

You might not be shocked to learn that football is by far the most popular sport in the US. For football fans, you might want to know about Shannon Sharpe and kids, the legend of the NFL player. Shannon Sharpe, which is now the former player of NFL become the sport analyst. He has three kids in total, two daughter and a son named Kiari. Although people are expecting his son to be his legacy, but Kiari prefer to dive into the world of business.

Well, we will not be talking about Shannon Sharpe, but rather about the drama in American football. I will explore many fascinating topics in this article, including the reasons why American football is so well-liked, and why there are so many dramas in American football which makes it more entertaining

The pre-game customs of tailgating, listening to music, and hanging out with friends are what make American football so popular. More effort is put into fan culture than other sport, including mascots, ambience, and gear. The Super Bowl is eagerly anticipated by Americans, who also find football to be intriguing and exciting.

Not to mention the drama which make this American sport is more entertaining. The clash, the fight and the rivalry of each team makes the football even more exciting to watch.

About American Football

As the name suggests, American Football is a football game played in America. While football is the most frequent name in the US, it is also known as gridiron outside of the country. The popular global sport of soccer or football is distinct from American Football (Association Football). Rugby football served as the ancestor of the current sport. On November 6, 1869, Princeton and Rutgers engaged in the first-ever game of American football.

American football is a full-contact sport that revolves around running. Either team can hold or pass the ball as they attempt to get into the opponent’s goal area in order to score.

On a rectangular field, two teams with 11 players each compete. Goalposts are located at either end of the 110 m by 48.76 m field.

In contrast to other football sports, which use round balls, the shape of the football is a prolate spheroid (or “oval”).

In professional games, the 60-minute game is further divided into two halves of 30 minutes. The minimum requirement for player safety is to put on a football helmet and shoulder pads.

Although played all around the world, American football is most popular in North America, Europe, and Japan.

Game-day Tradition

There were no pre-game customs other than chugging beer in a bar while I was in Finland watching an ice hockey match. It wasn’t anything special; that was just another weekend night.

But since American football is so much more significant to the country’s culture, players, fans, and people in general, it has a ton of pre-game customs.

Tailgating is one of the most well-liked pre-game activities in football. This includes enjoying beer and sodas, eating sausages, hamburgers, and hot dogs while tailgating, listening to great music to get in the game-day mood, and hanging out with friends, family, and other fans. The list goes on.

When something as simple but significant is implemented on gameday, it fundamentally alters the football culture as a whole. It’s tickets on the gates, games, and out of there as quickly as you can in many other sports.

Since football has so many influence when it comes to US citizens, it also trigger many dramas not just among the football players, but also among the fans which makes the football even more entertaining.

Why Is American Football Only Popular in US?

I remember the first time I heard American football referred to as football because I am a northern Finn. I had played soccer before, which is almost always referred to as football anywhere other than in the United States, so it didn’t make sense. There must be a reason why American football is not well-liked internationally, given the name difference and everything.

Because it has less cultural and traditional significance than other sports in reputable nations, American football is not as well-liked abroad. Due to more intricate rules, a high risk of injury, and similar sports like rugby and soccer, the sport also faces growth challenges.

The NFL, Super Bowl, and other American football-related terms are seeing an increase in viewership, so it is unlikely that American football will lose its relevance in the majority of nations.

Well, those are some information about Shannon Sharpe and kids, American football, and why drama makes the football even more exciting to watch.