A Basic Guideline on How to Start an ATV Business

A new year has come, you need new step to do. If you think that it is too boring to work under other’s control, so it is the right time for you to get your own path. Living in Bali must be the perfect one since you can start your business to attract the tourists there. One of the most recent recommended business is Bali ATV ride tours. This might not be a fresh or new idea business one, but it is still a great business in Bali. You can decide where the business will be run and get the target. For you who interest in this business field, so here are three basic steps for running ATV rent.

The First Step: Survey the Field and Target Market

If you want to start a business, so you need to do a survey first. It becomes a principal thing for starting or developing business. In this case, your business will be Bali ATV ride tours so you need to get every kind of information related to this business. As reference, here are two things you should do for surveying:

  • The Target Market

For the first thing, of course, the target market. It will be difficult if you did not catch up the target market first for your business. At this point, it is highly clear that the target market of this business is tourists. Then, the problem is you need to check the visited rate of the tourist on certain location.

  • The Location

After having the target market, you need to check the location. It is the most important one since it will be kind of wasted when you have tremendous area but difficult to reach. As result, there are not too much tourists who will come to your area. So, make sure that you got the best and strategic location for your ATV rent business.

The Second Step: Prepare the Equipment and Guest Safety

After having survey for starting the Bali ATV ride tours, then you need to take action after that. If all the location and budget were already prepared, so you can just open the area. Here are things you can do step by step:

  • Build the Track and Buying the ATV
  • For the first, you need a track. You can design the track based on the field that you have. Recently, it will be easier to find some examples for ATV track. You can find and choose the best one. However, make sure that the track will be fun yet still safety. For the second, you need to buy the ATVs. You can start with a small amount, which can be around 5 to 10. Then, you can develop it as the time.
  • Get Insurance for the Guest

Since your business related to sport activity, so you need to have insurance for the guest. You can calculate the price then decide the final one.

The Third Step: Promotion

For the last step for Bali ATV ride tours is promotion. You need to promote your business in interesting way. You can try to the offer free pass on the grand opening day or giving member card or coupons to attract more visitors.