9 Fashion Trends Forecast for Spring Summer of 2019

Fashion is running and it always changes from season to season. Every year designers are busy to forecast what fashion trends actually will be. In this 2019, those who like to follow the hype things must have looked forward to catching the trends. At the beginning of 2019, it is good to see what trends will be happening for the spring-summer season.

What Will be Happening for SS19?

It seems like in this 2019 you will see things are going more unique and fresher. There are lots of world’s famous brands that already prepare the forecast trends for this spring summer of 2019. Then, this must be good news for women who like to get something fresh in the early year of 2019.

Trends of Spring Summer 2019 Fashion

Now, let’s take a look at what actually fashion trends for this spring – summer 2019 that can be a reference for you.

  • Sequins

This blink – blink look seems to be happening to this season. Most of you may have not seen that sequins were trending in couple years ago. Now, the trends of sequins on your outfit will be going up. This is actually good to wear at night when you attend some events like a birthday party. This blink – blink beads on your dress will be something amazing to wear.

  • Puffed Shoulders

We are back to the Victorian era where the women who wear this obviously come from upper class. Well, dress with puffed shoulders will be a trend for this year. It does not only look classics but also classy. Puffed shoulders which are combined with a mid-length sleeve or long sleeve are so stunning to see in this spring – summer fashion trends.

  • Neon Color

Spring summer season commonly has something fresh which reflects the sunny weather during the season. Then, this season looks a little bit braver by presenting neon color during spring – summer. You know that neon color does not only look fresh but also unique, so if you think you will be seen different in this summer, try this neon color on your outfit!

  • Fringe

Where do you often see fringing? The answer is on the cowboy boots and now it is adapted to be a fashion trend for this spring summer season. Most of you may often see the fringe sometimes applied on the bags such as a shoulder bag or handbag. Well, for this year, you can see this thing on your outfit. It would be such a good look if you wear fringe outer which looks a little bit manly.

  • Waterproof for summer

Recalling back to the last year’s summer when the weather was unpredictable, there will be late to get prepared for this year’s summer. Wearing waterproof outfit gets you something different and cool. Moreover, it is shown in light colors so that it looks perfect.

  • Tie-dye

We are back to 60s print when tie-dye was happening at that time. This would be so much cooler for you to wear this during the summer time. There are two kinds of tie-dye outfit, one which is combined with several kinds of colors and another one with only two colors.

  • Fancy Flats

You will see lots of fancy flats coming this summer. Some are combined with the furry look. This is really cool for you to get the fancy flats and wear them

  • Sensible shorts

Another fashion trend that will be happening is sensible shorts. This kind of shorts is taken from the cycling shorts which looks boyish, loose and in knee length. It is suitable for you to wear shorts to take a walk in the summer.

  • Oversized hat

Now it is time for an oversized hat to be the trends of SS19. It reminds us to the weather in summer which seems to be so stunning to wear this. You can meet the oversized hats when the early summer is coming. So, be ready!

Those are things that will be happening and trending in this spring summer of 2019. All the things come in fresh look which is totally different from last year. Some of the famous brand plan to release this SS19 fashion so that you have to be ready for it. Follow the trend and be the trendsetter around you.