8 Tips To Buying New Car With Low Price

Have a new car is indeed a dream for everyone, especially those who are married. By owning a car, we can be able to take the family on vacation or homecoming to celebrate holidays in the hometown. Buying a new car does require a large number of funds. However, some of the tips below can help to press those costs. That way, new cars can be obtained at prices that match their capabilities. Here are some tips on getting a new car at a low price that can be considered.

Focus To The Purpose

When you want to buy a car, you have to consider carefully. What is the purpose of buying a car? Is it for comfort or indeed the absolute needs of the family? Or for transportation to the office or business needs? If it is intended for family purposes, perhaps the most suitable is the type of minibus. While for business purposes, can be a type of box or pick up the car. One type of car follows a rule that is not the same as the rules of other types of cars.

Looking For The Information

Nowadays, finding information about cars is not a difficult matter. You can search by surfing the internet. Visit the website of car manufacturers. Read automotive news. Or read information in automotive forums. Another thing that is not less important is knowing how much the after-sale price is after using the car on the market.

Prepare The Down Payment

This percentage only applies if you want to buy a car on credit. Why should it be 25%? Because Bank Indonesia (BI) imposed Down Payment (DP) rules needed to buy a car by 25%. It’s good if you have more funds, just give DP above 25%. Based on the latest car review, the greater the DP is given, the smaller the credit is paid each month.

The Best Time

The right time to visit a dealer is when the dealer provides special offers or promos. Usually, the dealer will provide a large discount at the end of the month because it is related to the sales target to be achieved.

Do Not Rush

To find a car that really suits your needs, you shouldn’t be in a hurry. Many things must be considered. Starting from the system of security, comfort, warranty, to after-sales service. If you go to the dealer, be reasonable and say that you are ready to buy if the price is given matches.


Based on the latest car review, One thing that is important, but rarely do people are offering prices when they have found a dealer that feels right. There is nothing wrong with negotiating prices. Who knows, the dealer will reduce the selling price of the car.

The Best Price

Many new cars at cheap prices, but the quality is not necessarily good. It’s easiest to determine that the car is not cheap by choosing well-known car brands. Of the various cars available, you can determine which type or model is famous for its reputation in the market.

The Best Dealer

Based on the latest car review, After determining which dealer you will choose, but then feel the service is not good enough, you do not need to hesitate to cancel the purchase and find another dealer. Search and visit existing dealers until you find a dealer with the best offer